Language Specialization

Business and Personal Language Services

Imagine the ability to expand your Business or Real Estate sales and marketing potential by operating in and/or advertising in additional languages creating many more possible clients.  We can facilitate this for you! 

Language Business Negotiation Services:

We understand that there are times when you will encounter a business or personal negotiation where language is a barrier. We can assist you in managing and overcoming the language hurdles present in the situation to achieve a successful outcome.

We have the negotiation skills you need to transform any situation into a cooperative and satisfactory outcome. We have experience in the ability to build greater relationships and alliances using the capacity to empathize, influence, and listen which leads to successful negotiations.

Language Interpretation Services:

We recognize that experienced and successful interpreters can take an individual’s words in one language and convert them into an understandable language for another.  A true professional will also interpret with the right emphasis and feelings that is originally being portrayed by the person speaking. This is important so that the message being conveyed is not lost in interpretation.  Much of how we communicate is reflected through emphasis and feelings, so our interpreters ensure every word and phrase are reflected accurately in the language being interpreted.

We know that when a patient undergoing medical treatment is experiencing a language impediment it can be frightening and disconcerting.  We can delicately, sympathetically and sensitively assist in the interpretation between patient, their families and their medical provider.

We posses vast experience interpreting in various languages in a variety of professional and personal situations.  Whatever your circumstances, we are available to assist you with your language interpretation needs.

Language Translation Services:

We realize that when you are working with written documents that are not in your native language it can be very overwhelming and unsettling.  We can very skillfully and accurately translate that information so that this information is clearly available to the recipient.

With decades of translation experience deciphering a variety of document types, we can fulfill almost any translation request precisely and correctly so that there can be certainty in the final produced translated work.

Real Estate Services:

We appreciate that when you are working with a Real Estate Agent who is not proficient in your native language it can be a very worrisome and intimidating experience.  With our language skills, we will make the process of selling or buying a home a very rewarding, pleasant and comforting experience.

As a Licensed Real Estate Agent, we will use our translation, interpretation and business negotiation skills with our language proficiencies in order to help you sell or purchase a home or property easily, effortlessly and confidently.

Hire Us!

We take our job seriously.  We know the importance of precise communication.  We realize that how we interpret a foreign language is crucial to accurate communication between individuals speaking different languages.  We are knowledgeable and skilled in professional document translation into various languages with a record of success.  We are experienced in negotiating in various languages and therefore know how to deliver a win-win outcome for all parties involved.  With decades of successful sales & marketing outcomes operating in many languages, we are confident that we can help you sell or purchase a home in your native language with trust and certitude.  Please contact us so that we can assist you in increasing your capability for more profitable results!